Having only been part of the Trust House team for 3 years I have been grateful of all the opportunities I have been given.

I work with a friendly group of people at the Support Office and am involved in all aspects of the company.

Deanna Clement


Working for a well structured and focussed company like Trust House and Copthorne Hotel & Resort Solway Park has been the driving force for me to grow and succeed with my career. I have worked for Trust House on three occasions over 16 years and have always been welcomed back with open arms which excites me to perform to the highest standard for the company as a whole.

Trust House is extremely driven to succeed which I admire, and I base everything I do on this drive, not only in my work but also in my personal goals.

Paul Hargood

Executive Chef, Copthorne Hotel & Resort Solway Park

I’ve worked for Trust House as a Rental property officer for over 15 years. It’s a diverse and challenging role, never boring! I have always had fair and supportive bosses at Trust House, they are are an awesome company to work for, the CEO had an open-door policy and, as well as being innovative and entrepreneurial, he is approachable. Staff are treated fairly here- i guess that’s why we stay.

Karen Herbert

Housing Officer

I have always wanted to work for a company where qualifications can make a difference and to contain the challenges to keep me on my toes and this is what Copthorne Solway Park and Trust House has done for me. Since working for Copthorne Solway Park and Trust House I have a job tailored to my competencies. I always wanted to be part of a company on its way up and  are prepared to adapt and change to make it successful. I enjoy being part of a breakthrough team at Copthorne Solway Park with years of experience. The team at Copthorne Solway Park and Trust House love to work together and always helpful and friendly, they feel like family to me as they support each other in good and bad times of the business.


Henriette Barnard


As an employee I not only have a rewarding career in hospitality, I am proud to say that by doing my job well I know this benefits the community I live in. The community support and grants from Trust House adds another level of satisfaction to my job.

Leeann Campbell

Rooms Division Manager, Copthorne Hotel & Resort Solway Park

During my tenure in Hospitality I have always successfully directed and coached the highest of standards, by providing true World Class customer service to all of our guests, Copthorne Solway park has the same passion which made me fit in perfectly. My “Lead By Example” style of management has always enriched my fellow employees in building pride and taking ownership of their responsibilities, resulting in a truly great dining experience for our customer time and time again and this is what Copthorne Solway Park and Trusthouse stand for in everything they do. I have not only learn so much from the team at Copthorne Solway Park but have grown as an individual to be nothing but the best in the Hospitality industry. Copthorne Solway Park and Trusthouse has supported me through my training and decision making as a Manager to ensure we provide great service and a great team. It is a pleasure to be able to present the amazing dishes produce by a talented team of chef’s at Copthorne Solway Park.

Matthew Raghi

Restaurant and Functions Manager, COPTHORNE SOLWAY PARK, WAIRARAPA

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