THF037 Grant Application - Extension Of Time Policy

This policy outlines the procedure associated with the request from grant recipients for an extension of time for their project.

  • Prepared By:  Senior Managers
  • Policy Dated:  June 2017
  • Authorised by: Trust House Foundation

1. Introduction

This policy relates to a grant applicant who has already received funding from Trust House Foundation and has requested an extension of time to spend that funding received.  The principles of accountability, integrity and transparency were considered in the preparation of this policy.

2.Grants Policy

The Foundation’s Grants Policy states that evidence should be provided within six months confirming that the grant money has been spent in accordance with the specific purposed approved.  The policy also provides that the six-month time limit may be extended at the Foundation’s discretion.

3. Procedure Where Extension of Time Requested:

The following procedure will apply where an extension of time request has been received from the recipient organisation:

  1. The request to the Foundation must be made in writing by the recipient organisation, with an expected time of completion, and an explanation of why the request for an extension of time has been made.
  2. At the next Regional Net Proceeds Committee meeting, the request for an extension of time will be presented to the committee to be considered.
  3. The Foundation will advise the recipient organisation in writing whether their request was approved or declined.
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